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What Is and How To Create Sun Art

sun art
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I never new much about Sun Art. How about you? Do you even know what it is? It is fun and super easy. Sunlight works in mysterious ways and we have proof of it right here.

I admit, I am not the most talented artist or crafter here, but I absolutely love doing it. Many of you might be able to identify with my love not talent for Arts and Crafts. To put something amazing, unique and eye catching to paper is not easy. My artistic talent is quite underdeveloped. How about yours?

To compensate for the lack of talent you can find things to help out. Sun Art is one of those things that doesn’t require much talent. Can you guess what is does require though? Can you think of it?

IMAGINATION! That’s right! It takes imagination. Meaning you have to pick items you would like to have on paper, kinda a print of it. The possibilities are endless. How in the world would anything work for this Sun Art Project you ask?

Simple. Sun Art simply works by placing an Item on Special Paper, let the Sun do its work, then rinse with water and you got your Sun Art Print. Sound easy right? Well, it is.

Of course you need something more than sunlight. You will need:

Get a few sheets and try it out. You and your kids will love this art activity.

Some Suggestions:
If you plan on creating many prints, save some money by using THIS LIQUID to apply to your regular paper. Just mix and apply on the paper of your choice.

Ideas for Sun Art Prints:

  • Little Sun Art Handprints of your children to gift to grandparents.
  • Paw Prints of your most precious pets.
  • Quotes
  • Flowers

and now let your imagination loose 🙂

Here are some examples:


sun art

via leslie


sun art

via leslie





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