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Waxing Chalk Paint Furniture Part 3

waxing chalk paint furniture
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We have covered How to Chalk Paint Furniture and How to Distress Chalk Paint Furniture and now we need to put the finishing touch on it by waxing chalk painted furniture.

The last step and final step to finish your custom chalk paint furniture is to apply a coat of wax.

To put on your finishing touch you need special wax in your desired color and a special wax brush. If you just starting out consider getting this chalk paint and wax kit to save some money. I personally use this brand because of the 37 chalk paint color choices (more than any other one I’ve found) and 6 choices in wax tint colors.

Why this Chalk Paint Kit?

  • Includes a Quart of paint, 8oz Clear Wax, 4oz Dark Wax, 2″ Paint Brush, 1.5″ Wax Brush and a 1″ Wax Detail Brush
  • Over 20 dollars savings compared to buying each item separately
  • Everything you need for your project
  • Specifically designed for furniture and cabinets
  • Free Bonus Gifts included with your kit as well as tips and instructions.

My favorite part. All colors also come in different quantities such as8 oz (Half Pint), 16 oz (Pint), 32 oz (Quart), 128oz (Gallon). Depending on your project you may need much more chalk paint and this will save you money.

But now to the easy part of this project after you finished Step 1 and Step 2.  Waxing chalk paint furniture is pretty quick and simple. Watch!

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