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Unique Baby Nursery Wall Decorating Ideas

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Preparing a nursery is a parents most exciting and meaningful decorating project ever. From furniture to decor, you wanna get this one right. Learn how much more fun your nursery will turn out  when you get a little more creative with walls and paint. Turn your nursery from blah into wow with our unique baby nursery wall decorating ideas.

The best children’s rooms are so much more than just a place to sleep and nap. They should provide a comfortable space for play and study, offer privacy and serenity when needed, and inspire creativity. Hard to know at first but in time the child’s room should also express the personality and temperament of the baby.

A fanciful room designs enlight not only babies and young kids, but their parents alike. Bold, unexpected colors and motifs that are captivating but never bombastic. These are rooms with an attitude. Design cues can come from sources such as a favorite picture book, a scenery such as ocean or mountains, animals like dinosaurs or butterflies and let’s not forget about sports themes. If possible design the nursery to grow and evolve as the needs and interests of your baby does – without requiring an exhaustive overhaul.

Let’s look at some examples of unique baby nursery wall decorating ideas that’ll inspire you for your project. Many of these ideas can be easily replicated without being a diehard artist or hobbyist.

Paint one of the nursery walls in a two tone pink or salmon color and simply add your heart designs.

nursery wall decorating

You may like these super cute hearts made from reclaimed wood in various colors.

Same concept just different wall color design. A neutral and classy look. Would work well when gender of baby is not know.

Add this Heart Garland to create a similar look as above. Available HERE.

Painting a nursery can be an experience in itself. Show your talent and create a custom painted baby room with trees, cloud and meadows. An alternative to painting would be clouds cut from poster boards and a grass decal or sand dune decal.

Decals are a quickly solutions for decorating walls without being permanent. Wall decals are fantastic because you can simply change them anytime you like.

Same with this design. Paint it, use cutouts or stick on balloon murals to create this floating hot balloon design.

Spaceship, stars and moon wall design were my son’s favorite as a baby.

Baby girl nursery wall decor ideas often come in shades of pink. This one is really hot, hot pink that is. Ad some white clouds to soften a bright color. Bright colors are fun for the moment but may be more suitable for a playroom rather than a nursery. However, I’ve seen incredible nurseries with colors like this and they looked stunning.

Sometimes less is more. Remember the rule. Cluster decor in odd numbers. Like here. Three Wooden Pentagon Shelves with hanging heart and star ornaments.

nursery wall decoration

If I had to redo my nursery, this would be the theme I’d choose. Whales are among the cutest nursery wall decor ideas and this design is absolutely adorable. I found some of the cutest Whale murals and decals HERE. Take your time to look. I guarantee you’ll find your whale design, personalized designs with your baby’s name or initials.

As for this one all you need to do is add a simple silhouette drawing above the crib and partial chalk paint wall to add quotes or messages. I am a huge fan of chalk paint. Sticks on everything without sanding or prepping first and an easy way to add writings.

This natural scene is not impossible to paint, but a Mountain Range Mural or Decal might be a lot easier to add to a nursery wall.


Whether you are planning for a nursery room for a baby girl, baby boy or a set of two or more, take your time and enjoy the process. Designing a nursery is a very personal project. You just got some great tips to get inspiration for your nursery to help you think outside of the box and get new ideas. Creating a unique baby nursery wall can be easily done on any budget. Paint and Murals are fairly cheap and if you think outside the box you will come up with your very own, personal and unique baby nursery wall design.

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