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The Ultimate Guide To Small Kitchen Pantry Organization

kitchen pantry organization
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I promise, you’ll hate looking at your pantry after you see this. I don’t know what your kitchen pantry looks like, but I bet, nothing like what you will see here.

After watching this ultimate guide to small kitchen pantry organization, I know you’ll be extremely exited to replicate this organizational setup, maybe even the color scheme.

When you follow this guid your pantry will function as the most productive part of your kitchen.  No more wasting time looking for food items or kitchen and cooking utensils. You will have a complete overview of what you have and what you’ll need to stock up on.

I never thought I would get this excited about a project, but here it is. The motivation you’ve been looking for to give your kitchen pantry a royal makeover without spending a ton of money.

Need some Ideas on how to organize? Get pantry design inspiration HERE

How To Get Started With Pantry Organization

  1. Make a Plan. Have a general idea of what your needs are and how you would like the setup to look like.
  2. Start with an empty pantry. Take everything out to get an idea what space you have.
  3. Take inventory of what you have and what sort out what you don’t need anymore or have more than one of.
  4. Categorize Items and put like items together.
  5. Invest in different containers and boxes to keep items in place.
  6. Label your containers and boxes.
  7. Organize and reorganize until everything fits great.

Let’s check out a super cool video so you can get an idea of what your pantry might look like when you’re done. This is one of my inspirations when redoing my kitchen pantry. It is simply gorgeous and noteworthy.

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