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Stuffed Animals and How To Make One Yourself

Stuffed Animals
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Whether you’re searching for a lovable little pup, kitten, bunny, or bear, this post will show you how easy it is to create some of the most adorable and super soft stuffed animals around. Easy-to-find materials and distinctive fabrics will give your projects personalities all their own.

Making these cuddly stuffed animal creatures is fun, addictive, and much easier than one would think.

Stuffed Animals are a big hit with Babies, Kids and Adults. Handmade little stuffies are incredibly special because they come from the heart and are made by you. While some thought goes into designing your DIY Plush Animals, talent is not really a requirement. It helps if you have basic sewing skills, but even those you can learn in a few minutes by watching the clip below.

While pastel colors always look great, I like to look for bargain buys when looking for plush socks. Many times you can find them after major holidays for a greatly reduced price. Here is a list of items to prepare beforehand.

What You Need To Create Stuffed Animals Plush Toys 

To make is easy I created this little shopping list for you. I love Amazon Prime for all my arts and crafts needs, and if you’ve never tried it, check it out. Fast delivery and no more trips to the store. A huge time saver for me.

When you have all your supplies lined up you are ready to get creative. Watch this short video and learn how to create your custom stuffed animals!

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