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Starting A Veggie Garden From Scratch

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I have been dreaming for years about growing my own organic food on my property and this year I am finally starting a veggie garden from scratch.

I’ve dabbled on and off with different produce and fruit and had an “aha” moment  not too long ago. The reason my stuff turns out bad is that I have no plan, tools or equipment. Just putting something in the ground and hoping it grows into a delicious food is not happening here.

The problem! No preparation, no good soil, no protection from bugs and critters like bunnies and squirrels. Even my peachtree is the only one exploding with fruit, squirrels eat ’em all up before they ripen enough for harvest. My squirrels love it here as you might imagine.

This fall I am going to do it right and decided to invest in some proper equipment and tools to be successful. Here is what, per recommendation of a  successful gardening friend, I decided to get. She grows amazing produce and fruit and I am in awe of how successfully she feeds her family with homegrown organic food most of the year.

While her husband is very handy and pieced the raised garden beds together all by his lonesome, I decided to go, at least partially, with some ready made garden beds for a veggie garden.

Here is what I am installing and updates of my amazing crops will come soon. Check out the links and you will discover so many more options, sizes and tips. Getting the proper tools makes gardening a breeze 🙂


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