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Quickly Grow Herbs Indoors In Five Simple Steps

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Whether you are an avid cook or like the look of greens on your kitchen counters, you can learn how to quickly grow herbs in five simple steps. Keep your indoor herb garden just an arm’s length away from where you prepare your meals.

Herbs are used for food, flavoring, medicine, or fragrances. Ideally herbs are grown outdoors, but some hers grow quickly and easily indoors. No experience is needed for this little indoor garden project.

I don’t know about you but I am more likely to use herbs for cooking if they are easily available. Often I forgo fetching herbs from my outdoor garden, because it is just not convenient or practical (confession: I’m too lazy 🙂 at the time of cooking to leave the kitchen and fetch some good greens.

So I was really excited when I realized how easy it is to quickly grow herbs indoors. Since I am not exactly born with a green thumb I find it extremely easy to follow this herb gardening for beginners 5 Step Plan.

Be patient while your little herb plants are growing. When flowers first bud your herbs are ready to get cut. Only cut a little bit at a time from each plant so it can continue to produce.

How To Harvest Herbs

Choose your most favorite Herbs for your kitchen. Not all herbs are perfectly suitable for growing inside. Here are 5 Herbs which will grow exceptionally well.

5 Popular Herbs To Grow At Home

Below you find a list of spices every kitchen should have. Learn from this list of spices and their uses and decide if they are what you need. Check out a Complete List of Herbs and Spices. Learn everything you need to know about how herbs and spices can enhance your cooking and improve your life. Learn to use lavender to soothe headaches, plant your own mint for a refreshing addition to any tea, or whip up a batch of Dutch cinnamon cookies. what they do if you like to explore others.

Make your herb garden containers even more amazing get some of these super cute Herb Markers to easily identify your different types of herb plants.


Follow the steps in the instructions above and you will be on your way to quickly grow herbs indoors. Now that you have great instructions for the best herbs to grow and a great list of herbs and their uses, nothing can stop you from creating a beautiful indoor herb garden.

Happy Herb Gardening!

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