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Needle Felting Basics for Beginners

needle felting
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Needle felting is a process that uses the most simple of tools and materials (needles and wool) to create beautiful works of art. Make the cutest little creatures from wool! Whether you want to create tiny bears, rabbits, dogs, cats, fairies, dolls, cupcakes, needle felting is all the rage.

Needle felting is surprisingly easy, using techniques that everyone can learn. Felt is an easy medium to work with. You are limited only by your imagination. Begin with fluffy wool in one hand and a felting needle in the other hand. Then poke the wool with the barbed felting needle until it comes to life. The fibers interlock by being pushed down with special needles. With repeat pricking the material will get denser, eventually creating the shape or form you desire. It is nothing short of amazing!

Starting with basic shapes you roll in your hands, you can sculpt the most lifelike miniature animals, using your felting needle to join the individual parts and give them their firm and final shape. With little bits of contrasting wool you can give your felted friends expressions that are irresistible. It’s easy, creative, and very relaxing.

You may feel more comfortable with a Felting Pen, but to add more details to a design you will need a felting needle. Felting pens save time to compact felt quicker, but if you need to work with little details like eyes, mouth, patterns, lines or anything else that requires details, needles are more practical.

Felting is becoming more popular in the Crafters World, because your imagination is the limit and no talent is needed. To get you started we found some fun Needle Felting for Beginners Kits. They come with all Materials needed and you will be quickly on your way to create some fantastic creatures and designs.

Check out how easy it is.

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