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Melting Crayons On Canvas With Just One Tool

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Who would have thought that melting crayons on canvas can be so much fun and produce amazing art pieces. People have made an art form out of this technique and you’ll be amazed how easy it is.

This is one of the most fun projects to do with our kids. We collect crayons and don’t throw out scraps. Crayons are the safe way for kids to create art projects without getting messy.

Melting Crayons On Canvas

and a little time creating. Your kids will absolutely love melting crayons. Let them get creative and see what they come up with.

Use buttons, ribbons and anything else you have around the home to embellish your creation. This may be a fun activity if you host a birthday party for your children. On a smaller scale perhaps. Your guests will have something fun to take home to remember your party forever.

Enjoy and get creative!

This is just one of the many tutorials on melting crayons to canvas. I picked this tutorial as it shows you to create images inside the crayon art. Now that you know how to melt crayons on canvas you can move to more elaborate projects such as:

Handcrafted Candles with Melted Crayons

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