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How To Make Your Own Stencil Templates

stencil template
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Stencil Templates are easy to use, durable, washable and reusable. Stencils are the best craft tools for journaling, notebook creation, diary embellishing, scrapbooking, DIY cards making and stencils are a great tool for personalizing any craft or home decor.

Whether you are a corporate professional, a business traveler, a student, a bullet journaling beginner or a head of a busy household, stencil templates will come in handy. With these templates, you can DIY your own photo album, travel journal, planner and much more.

Depending on creative you want to get, you can take stenciling to a whole new level. Stencil templates can be the most versatile tool in your creative studio. Stencils create background effects, foreground details and a complex beauty that’s surprisingly easy to achieve.


Many projects will have you thinking about stencils in a whole new light as you discover how to use them with paint, wood burning, encaustic, hand stitching, metalwork and much more. Yes, you can use them with other than paint tools.

Let me give you some ideas. Think about your stencil designs. Create stencil designs for walls, stencil designs for fabric, cut your own stencil alphabet, stencils for numbers, flower stencils, animal stencils or anything else you can think of. Get my point. Your imagination is your limit 🙂

Stencil templates can be used with spray painting, hand painting. drawing, paint splattering, marbling and anything inbetween you can think of.

Before the widespread development of modern interior decoration, builders and homeowners often relied on commercially available stencils to decorate ceilings and walls of houses and other structures. Stencil Templates are not only for art and craft projects, but come in handy in remodeling your home. Add some vines and grapes over your kitchen cabinets. Maybe a vintage bird cage as a backdrop behind an accent light. The possibilities are endless.

DIY designers embellish walls, furniture and more with cool custom patterns. Whether it’s glam chain motifs on a wall or bold geometrics on a bathroom backsplash, these durable and recyclable stencils make a big impact.

Hobby Stores offer a big selection of stencil templates and brushes. However, if you have a certain image in mind or like to create your own, you can create a stencil in a few simple steps. Stencils are typically made with the intention of being reused.

DIY Stencil templates are constructed of flexible plastics, including acetate, mylar and vinyl. They can be cut and sliced to create the image you desire. Paint can be applied with aerosol spray paint, paint brushes, roller brushes or sponge. Decorate anything from Home Decor, Accessories, Apparel or Toys. A great way to create personalized and unique gifts for family and friends.

It is pretty simple. WATCH!

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