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How To Make Spinning Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards
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Handmade Greeting Cards are more special than anything you can buy in a store. Family and Friends will appreciate this lovingly crafted Card. Don’t spend hard earned money an expensive Greeting Cards when you can make something much more impressive yourself.

It blows my mind every time. Have you checked the Greeting Card aisle lately? While some Greeting Cards are absolutely gorgeous, most are just average. Even cheap looking Cards don’t come cheap nowadays. While ready made Greeting Cards are a great timesaver, it is much more personal when you create one yourself. 

I always keep an assortment of Gift Cards, Thank You Cards, Get Well Cards, Birthday Cards, Sympathy Cards and Blank Cards around, I love to create when possible. A backup is great, but when I have, time I create. 

Greeting Cards

How To Make Spinning Greeting Cards

And with what you will learn in a minute you’ll stop wasting your money too. It’s so simple and cheap. You’ll be able to personalize based on favorite color, prints and designs. In short, this is a project to get personal.

All you need is:

Print out your template on a blank card. Cut according to instructions. Fold and voila. Your very own handmade spinning Greeting Card. I bet you’ll love this project.

I can guarantee that all kids and adults will love and appreciate the time, effort and creativity you put into creating this special Greeting Card. Your Card will be the hit and topic of conversation at any event.



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