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How To Make DIY Pillows via Potato Stamping

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What do DIY Pillows and Potatoes have in common? Nothing, really. But you can use one to create the other. Check out how to make DIY Pillows via Potato Stamping. It’s super fun.

I completely forgot about this fun Craft Project. I remember this being one of the first craft activities I get to do in Kindergarten. When I saw this project it brought back fuzzy memories from long time ago. Potato Stamping is such a fun project for kids and adults.

Do you remember something about potatoes too? I have not thought of potatoes much further than eating ’em forever until now. All you need is a potato, something like a knife to carve out a design and paint. You could use a plain pillow cover or make your own from your favorite colored fabric.

Revamp or up-cycle your plain throw pillows and turn them into something amazing. Create seasonal pillows to use around the holidays or everyday accent pillows to match your home decor.

How To Make DIY Pillows via Potato Stamping

All in all this project takes little time to prepare and make. Most of what’s needed you may already have.

Items needed:

Steps to create your DIY Pillows using a Potato:

  • Cut Potato in half
  • carve out your design
  • spread out fabric or pillow
  • paint the raised part of your potato design
  • press onto the fabric
  • let dry for 3-4 hours
  • iron to set paint
  • add pillow insert – done.

Check out some great DIY Potato Stamped Pillows and Designs I found.

diy pillows

images and tutorial by littlelessy


diy pillows

images and tutorial by mr.kate


diy pillows

images and tutorial by homedit


diy pillows

images and tutorial by jenniferperkins


I like to change decor often and pillows are a great way to update according to season. Potato stamped pillows are a fun and unique way to personalize your space and they make for great Gift Giving.

Tip: If you get different pillow covers you only have to exchange the insert and storing takes up much less space.

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