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How To Make 3D Paper Flowers

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Wow, that is so cool! Yes, that’s exactly what I thought when I first saw 3D Paper Flowers. I am not a flip over the top crazy one for flowers but 3D Flowers rocked my canu. I thought, sure I can do this, looks pretty easy and fun. And it is. Check it out!

This is one cheap craft idea to create stunning Home and Wall Decor. Paper is pretty inexpensive and most of us have scissors in the house. A glue gun comes in handy, but straight up Elmer’s Glue is just fine. I have even used a Staple Gun or Needle and thread to piece some paper pedals together.

Now you could go to a place to buy The Most Gorgeous Paper Flowers for your project, but can easily make them yourself. Depending on your design and 3d Flower Model, you can chose from tissue paper to construction paper to cardstock. I personally like to work with Cardstock paper on my paper flower projects.

3D means three-dimensional. We want to create something that has width, height and depth (length). In our case we want the flowers to look realistic. The goal is to make our flower look like they are physically present. So basically, 3D is when an object takes up space. Are you ready to get started?

Let’s get started with something less complicated to warm up to the project. Here is what you need to create  this project.

  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Flower pattern punch/household in circle
  • Scissors
  • white Styrofoam ball
  • corsage pins
  • Pencil and ruler (if you create pattern yourself)

Pictures are the best tutorial. Check it out and try it!

This is the 3D Paper Flower Project I love. Pastels are gorgeous and the flowers are exquisite. These 3D Paper Flower Balls are very easy to make and look stunning as center pieces or home decor.

You may want to think about the type of flower you like best. I don’t know about you but my taste depends on the occasion. My choice of 3D Paper Flower Design also depends on the project. Certain shapes and sizes look better when you create a cluster such as in Wall Art Decor or Bouquets. I like to keep my flowers simple like in this example.

Just cut out your shape in different sizes, curl up the ends with a pencil or skewer and assemble starting with smallest cutout. Look how cute they are. Glue the pieces together or use a pin like above to secure them to your art piece.

While I love all natural colors such as whites, browns, and earth tones, pastels are on my most favorite list as well. Teal and Brown are often my choice since they reflect my personality, stylish yet down to earth, or so I think 🙂

Rainbow Colors are perfect for Spring and Summer. Bouquets like the once below look great on your Patio and Backyard Table. These are Origami Flowers, so all you need to do is fold paper.


Check out the tutorial if you want to know how to make the 3D Paper Flower via Origami Technique.

Now that you know how to make flowers out of paper step by step there is nothing that can hold you back from creating your most magical decor. If needed you can find 3D Flowers template online, but it is much more fun to cut out from 3D flowers drawing you put down on paper yourself. Flower making craft ideas are very personal I think. You choose the style and colors, which makes it uniquely yours.

Happy 3D Paper Flower Crafting!

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