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Learn Paper Quilling Basics Step by Step

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At least once in your life you have to create an art piece by “Paper Quilling”.  It is hard to explain, but this project is utterly enjoyable and the results are stunning.  You may have seen some pictures of these projects, but did you know that just with a few starter instructions, you can create something magical?

What is Paper Quilling

Quilling is the art of rolling narrow strips of paper into coils or scrolls. This can be achieved by using something like a toothpick or pencil.  Roll paper into coils and scrolls, then pinch, shape, and arrange them into decorative patterns to form colorful and elegant filigrees.

Start with simple quilling designs. Learn how to make paper quilling flowers and patterns. After a while, when you get the hang of it, you want to graduate into more elaborate and exquisite paper quilling techniques. There are people who quit their day jobs and became very successful at this art form. Not to say you should quit work, simply that this can be so enjoyable you may want to only do paper quilling all day 🙂

Basics of Paper Quilling

Learn basic paper quilling step by step. Choose from several shapes. Depending on your vision for your art piece you may need several different shapes of scrolls. Roll your paper strips, secure ends via glue, shape coils. It’s really simple. Look!

Now that we know how to get started we want to learn how to make more paper quilling designs. Once this becomes second nature it will be much easier to learn how to make paper quilling patterns and designs such as flowers, animals etc.

diy paper quilling

Pretty straightforward, right? Rolling and shaping is pretty simple. When you get more serious about these fun art projects you need to invest in these products. They will make your work much more productive and effective. Consistency in scrolls and coils is what produces amazing art designs. As with anything you do, proper tools and instructions are the surest path to success. Get your quilling Basic Tools HERE.

I like to speed things up where I can so I invested in this Quilling Tool. Rolling paper by hand is fun for a while but get’s old very quick when you need a lot of pieces. Get your Quilling Pen HERE.

I like some texture in my designs, meaning, not just plain, straight paper, but crimped paper strips. They make you design pop out. Get some other tools that come in handy HERE.

The above instructions get you started teach you the basics of paper quilling step by step. With a little practice this will soon be one of your most fun and rewarding art projects. We spend hours of fun time cutting and rolling paper from old magazines, newspaper, arts and crafts paper and any paper we get our hands on.


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