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Learn How to Print Your Own Burlap Pillow

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When you see how easy it is to make your own pillows you’ll never pay for one again. Learn how to print your own Burlap Pillow is easier than you think. Burlap is a beautiful Fabric and has many uses. So much you can do when you know how to do it.

Printed Burlap has a vintage look to it and this will mix with many decoration styles. Plain old burlap fabric is pretty boring to look at, but embellished with custom print, looks like a million dollars. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could just print your favorite images and create your own designer pillows.

It is very simple with the proper instructions and the right Equipment. But be careful. I ruined one printer because I did not quite pay attention on how to properly feed it into my printer. A string of the burlap got caught and wrapped around some vital parts of the printer. It was ruined.

I needed some tips on how to print on Burlap without ruining my printer again, and I found it. I had done exactly what is demonstrated in the video and I should have known this: “DON’T use an expensive Printer!”. Purchase a cheap one or use the one you are ready to replace anyway.

Prepare Burlap for Printing

When you cut your Burlap Fabric, make a clean cut. Remove any frays that could get caught inside the printer. An alternative would be to purchase specially prepared Burlap for printing HERE. These sheets are ready to place in printer and will not ruin your machine.

If you like to make your own sheets, you’ll need non fray Burlap Fabric, Spray Adhesive (this one I use for all my projects) and Freezer Paper. Spray your Freezer paper with Adhesive and place Burlap Fabric on your Sheet. Make sure edges and corners are securely glued to paper and check for frays. Even a little piece can get caught and ruin your Printer.

Open your image on your computer. Make sure you print the mirror image of your design and hit print. Now watch your project come to life.

Just imagine all you can do with printed Burlap. Check this out!

Make your own Doggy Placemats to make keep your best friends bowl in place.

Make cute Wall Art and Home Decor like this.

Monogram Wall Art

Print and mod podge.

Enjoy your Project.


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