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How To Turn Simple Crates Into Versatile Furniture

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The other day I took a closer look around my garage and inside the million (not really that many) storage crates. I realized that this garage was in dire need of a serious makeover. No, I’m not talking about remodeling. I’m talking about cleaning out. Like throwing away or donating items that have become old and useless. Know that feeling? I bet most of you do.

Crates Are Great For Storage

When you have more Crates than you will ever need, you gotta do something else with ’em. That would be me. Looking at my garage I could almost qualify for a Crate Hoarder. Shelving with matching Storage Crates makes up one of the four walls in the garage.  The more stuff accumulated, the more crates found their way into the garage. Since I got rid of many items, what’s left are a ton of crates.

They were all stacked into a pile ready for donation. But then my greedy self got the better of me (isn’t that how I ended up with a ton of stuff in the first place?). What else could I do with these not very cheap crates, other than giving them away?

My first instinct always is – Repurposing! I love repurposing. But into what? The answer lies within the world wide web, and I found a great idea. DIY Crate Chairs for the kids playroom or backyard sound like a fun project. What a brilliant idea.

Seating Made From Crates

All you need is:

Check it out! Such a simple Idea. Such a great Project. Choose colors, designs and embellishments you like. Here are some examples of what your crates could end up looking like. Crate seating for the kids and they love it.


Image via theeagerteacher


Image via misspriss

I love cow or pony print and these are absolutely adorable. The ribbon gives these crates a softer look.


Image via twisttwirlteach

A great idea for the backyard.


Image via delicateconstruction

Simple yet functional for small spaces like dorm rooms or lofts. Perfect for college students who typically don’t have much space to work with.


Image via sustainabilityinstyle

Leather tufted crates. They require a little more time and skills, but they are so worth it.






Here is my favorite. Wooden Crates, Old Wine Crates, Old Coffee Crates with burnt inscriptions, and free wooden crates are the best. If they come with a lid I leave them as is. If not I add a cushion to sit on.


Create Seating is the perfect addition to any playroom or outdoor space. Plastic Storage Crates are most useful for this project, but wood crates would work just fine. I would prefer wood crates over plastic crates, as I love rustic decor. However, using spray paint on plastic storage crates can turn them into anything you fancy. Plastic storage crates are stackable when not needed, and can easily be stowed away. Try it, you’ll love the results.

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