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Handmade Greeting Cards On A Shoestring Budget

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Want to learn how to create a beautiful handmade Greeting Card for Birthday, Valentines, Wedding, Best Wishes and many more special Occasions and Celebrations? I found the perfect tutorial for you. Don’t spend money on a mediocre Greeting Card. Stun your family or friend with this handmade Greeting Card.

Whenever I look for a Greeting Card in a store, I can’t help but notice the price tags. It hurts to fork over several dollars for a Card that is nothing special. I always thought it was silly to pay for Greeting Cards that’ll most likely end up in a landfill. So here is one of the tutorials I have used to create my own.

Graceful and delicate, Butterflies are magical. The lifecycle of a Butterfly is nothing short of miraculous. Combine Butterflies and Watercolors and you’ll end up with a beautiful design.

Check out this stunning DIY Watercolor Butterflies Card Tutorial. It is not complicated and looks better than any store bought card. Handmade Items are way more appreciated than Store bought Stuff.

You give a handmade card, there is a chance it won’t end up in the trash and will be treasured. The Card Design we feature in this post could also be used in a frame and displayed as wall art.


Give it a try!

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