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Handmade Designer Furniture Not Found In Furniture Stores

Handmade Designer Furniture
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Consider Handmade Designer Furniture next time you go shopping for furniture. If you truly want something unique for your home you must consider custom designing your own.

Problem With Shopping For Furnishing

As with all things, you get what you pay for. Sometimes you don’t even get  Most furniture is purchased in a big box retail outlet. Chain of Furniture Stores carry similar, cookie cutter style furniture. Materials are often of inferior quality, options on style, fabric and color is limited. Furniture for big Retail Stores are mass-produced to assure quick production and delivery.

Handmade Designer Furniture Are The Better Choice

Once again, you get what you pay for and want. And if you make it yourself or have it made, you get exactly what you want. Style, Shape, Materials, Colors, Fabrics, Hardware are all chosen by you, the customer. Perhaps you have a unique design in mind. Maybe you saw a piece of antique furniture in a magazine or catalog that you can’t find anywhere. Or you’re looking for a furniture piece that will fit perfectly into an awkward space. Why not look for furniture that are unique to you. Dining Sets, Sofas, Bedroom Furniture, Tables and Chairs no one else will have. When you choose Handmade Designer Furniture you get exactly what you want.

Custom handmade furniture can be designed for particular spaces in your home. This may be an oddly shaped space or unusually large or small room. Custom Home Furniture can be made to your specifications and liking.

Handcrafted Furniture Ideas

Do you have a talent for designing your own handmade furniture plans? Or maybe choose from simple homemade furniture ideas by others, which you can easily have recreated by someone. Let’s check out some cool furniture others have made and get your Idea Juices flowing.

Handmade Wooden Furniture

This one is called SALISH SEA BATHTUB and is build from over 200 pieces of sustainably harvested sapele wood. The Designer, Seth Rolland, makes his custom furniture in Taos, New Mexico and in Port Townsend, WA.


Need some new backyard furniture. Consider these unique Patio Chairs that are super comfy.

The Shifting Slab Bench is an outdoor bench is build and stack shifting legs.

Made from reclaimed wood pieces, this Wooden Dresser is nothing short of stunning. Put together piece by piece and with meticulous craftsmanship, this would be a keepsake to pass on.

This Massive Concrete Dining Table and Benches are made of cast concrete. This will not leave your backyard in the strongest of storms.

Too late for me now that my kids are older, but had I seen this Handcrafted Half Moon Cradle when my kids were born, I would have bought it in a flash. So cute and definitely unique.

This Deluxe Outdoor Swing swings on silent bushings when attached to its optional cantilevered stand. Matching Rockers and Chairs are available as well and transfer your backyard into an oasis. 

Don’t forget a piece of furniture for adults. Check out this unique design of a Portable Wine Tasting Table for your Backyard or anywhere else you like to enjoy some vino.


This amazing piece is a handmade modern furniture design by yet another custom wood furniture maker. The Vanity features two cylinder shaped storage spaces with 8 moving drawers for ample storage. The large Mirror in this design is equipped with wireless touch screen backlit lighting integrated into the mirror. The smaller oval magnified mirror moves seamlessly across the top of the Vanity via a solid bronze arm.

This custom-built, folding desk is a perfect desk where space is limited. These wall-mounted desks fold away, standing only about 9″ from the wall and allow for plenty of movement around them.

This extraordinary Sycamore Root Coffee Table is crafted with a vertical cross-section of an old, enormous sycamore root ball. This is a fantastic piece of handmade designer furniture and will be the  focal point in your home. 

If you kids need extra beds for sleepovers, but the is not enough floor space to just add another/bigger bed in the room, this Custom Designed Bunkbed is the solution. The main bed is a raised platform that supports a queen mattress. A set of stairs leads to an upper twin bed platform. Drawers pull out from the stair risers and shelves (some are open, others are faced with sliding doors) that face the queen bed. The bed is accented with colorful blue- and silver-dyed wood inlays. The ability to incorporate inlaid veneers adds durable color instead of paint.



The Rising Table is truly stunning. A rather simple idea of starting with a flat surface that is capable of transforming into a piece of stylishly designed furniture. The designer incorporated an intricate incision pattern in the flat surface of the wood that resulted into the creation of a latticework of ‘woven’ bamboo beams that make up the center of the table.

A crib like no other. This is one cool Pod for Babies. Futuristic Furniture Design at best and screams safety and comfort for your little one. “Pod is a cosy cocoon-shaped cot with smooth, rounded edges for a distinct modern look. Innovative clear acrylic sides with star-shaped cutouts allow an unimpeded view of bubs for parents, making checking on baby simple.” -ubabub

Real tree, carved wood, natural dyes, steel and tempered glass make up the stunning pieces below. Inspired by nature the fallen branches are twisted and readapted so they can find a new life as sculptural and functional pieces. These Bookshelves and Tables will create a focal point in your home.

Handmade Designer Furniture are not found in your local Furniture Stores. Next time you are shopping for a truly unique, uncommon and exclusive design consider having it made to your specifications by a Custom Furniture Designer. Whether you prefer handmade rustic furniture, handcrafted solid wooden furniture, or a modern look, think about your handmade furniture ideas. Find a designer to help you create your homemade furniture plans and enjoy your custom piece.

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