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DIY Tabletop Fireplace – How to Make Your Own

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Imagine settling down by a relaxing tabletop fireplace after a long and busy day. Finally putting your feet up and enjoying a few minutes of peace and quiet to clear the mind from all the stress and excitement. Sounds lovely?

I have to admit, I have a lot of respect for fire, especially open fire. The thought of a spark lighting up my home has always been scary, particularly since I have seen quite a few house fires growing up. Granted, most caused by lightning strikes and other means like candles, I do know of fires having been started by open fires in backyards.

But that has not prevented us from enjoying a lovely fireplace in the backyard by any means. I just do things a little different these days. Open fire is not always a good idea, especially if you live in a heavily wooded area like I do. In times of drought is is also not advisable to start an open fire.

Fireplaces are one of the most relaxing features of any backyard. Listening to the the crackle of burning wood, smelling the scent burning cedar logs, what could be better than ending a day like this.

However, since open fireplaces are not always possible or advisable, I found the alternative. An amazingly simple and stunning alternative to an open wood burning fireplace, perfect for any table or backyard setting. And all without the hazard of burning wood and flying sparks.

Tabletop Fireplace

Create and place this tabletop fireplace on your outside table and watch the flames light up your fire glass. This display creates stunning a stunning light and magical ambiance.

Create Your Tabletop Fireplace

Items needed:

table top fireplace

Steps to create your tabletop fireplace:

  • Mix Concrete and Concrete Fibers
  • Shape mixture over bowl and let dry
  • Carefully remove bowl
  • Sand concrete bowl
  • Fill bottom with lava rock
  • Cut grill topper to shape round container to hold fuel can and round top to cover
  • Place grill and fuel can into concrete bowl, on top of lava rocks
  • Add more lava rocks
  • Top of with fire glass
  • Take of gel fuel cover to light up.

Customize this tutorial to your liking. For larger concrete bowls use more than one gel fuel container. Choose fire glass in the color you prefer. I like to mix my glass to create a fun and colorful setting. Create your bowls or buy one to your liking.

More Tabletop Fireplace Designs

Outdoor and Indoor tabletop fireplaces are very popular. Since all you need is a tabletop fire bowl, they can be place just about anywhere. Whether you live in a house with a yard or in an apartment with balcony or porch, you will be able to enjoy your dazzling tabletop fireplace. Creating your tabletop fireplace is cheap and gel fuel is economical. My biggest reason for moving towards gel fueled fireplaces in and around my home is safety.

Enjoy the fireplace!

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