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DIY String Art Projects And String Art Patterns

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Proceed with Caution! DIY String Art Projects can become extremely addictive and you may not be able to stop doing it. It can take over part of your time off and take away time from family and friends. Oh no, wait. How about stringing fun with family and friends. Make it a fun activity and get creative.

Whether you prefer thread art on canvas, string art with push pins, nail string art or want to learn how to do string art without nails, you will like our string art tips. Start out with a more simple project like string art letters and gradually progress into geometric string art patterns, eventually mastering more complicated Thread Art Designs.

You may have never thought of stringing in this way but this gave us inspiration to think big. Gigantic and Unique String Art projects are possible, but start small and get the hang of it first or it can become frustrating. Learn from smaller projects and gradually progress into bigger and more complicated String Art Projects.

Let’s get started with some simple Patterns.

DIY String Art Supplies:

  • Wood block, canvas, or cork floor tile
  • 5/8 inch (16mm) veneer pins (or small nails)
  • String, Yarn, Embroidery Floss – the type of string you use depends on the look you want to achieve. Delicate String Art Patterns look better with thin strings, while string art for kids is best done with thicker yarn.
  • Hammer and Nose pliers if you work with Nails, Push Pins are easier and look great on canvas or cork tile.

Tip: You can cover your wood or canvas with cloth or felt before you create your pattern, this may hold your pins or nails more securely in place.

Novice Art Projects

A simple heart string pattern is very easy to do. Start at one point, wrap it around the opposite nail and cross over on the way back to the next nail.

This heart is strung in a different way. Try either to see which one you like best.

The Star is another easy pattern. Using jute/twine/hemp cord creates a rustic feel wherever you display your Star. Check it out. Pattern is very simple. Just ad your nails and start stringing. It is very therapeutic, especially when you are not concerned with any one certain way of looping your strings around the nails.

This string art instructions are straightforward. Learn from start to finish how to create a fun geometric shape with twine. This one looks much more complicated than it actually is.

Twine Art Twine Art

Advanced Art Projects

Ready to graduate a little into something more demanding, yet still simple enough to keep gaining experience? These next couple of projects take a little more skill and time but are so worth it. Just say it in string art. You’ll love the results and they make for wonderful gifts for family and friends or decorations for your home.


Weaving back and forth, in this you can figure out your own weaving pattern.

Different colors of Embroidery Floss make this picture pop.


Expert DIY String Art Projects

Letters and works are fun but images are epic. Are you ready to graduate some more. This is not for the novice anymore, but with a little patience and imagination, absolutely doable. For this one it may be necessary to use printable art templates to lay out your design and add nails or push pins.

Do you love nature prints and art of nature? This magical tree thread art takes a lot of work and is so worth it. Imagine this one over your mantel or in your favorite room. I love this gorgeous Tree String Wall Art Piece.


With five dog in the home and 6 in heaven I was looking for and arts and crafts idea to create a wall with all my puppies displayed forever. I think I found it. This is a super neat project to honor your own pets or to give as a gift to friends and family or someone who just lost a pet. This would have been and still will be today a nice remembrance of all my four legged friends. Love this Dog Paw Art String Plaque Idea.


And really want to make a portrait of my dogs like this one.

I found this super cute Dog Love – Treat – Leash Holder design on Etsy. It has been sold or I would have bought it. This inspires me for my next project.

However, I found a similar Puppy Love Art Piece HERE.

And now to the epic stuff.

Masters of Stringing

You gotta have time and patience for these creations. I am not sure if I get around to one of these, but I sure will try.

This is a gorgeous Wall Art Idea. Not sure if I have what it takes to create this one 🙂

Love Wildlife? Here is a magnificent Elephant String Wall Art Plaque you can model after or buy HERE.

Now that you get the idea of how to start let’s get stringing along. If you need detailed instructions or string art patterns simply google. You’ll find free printable patterns and free printable string art templates, but I do think it is more fun to just start stringing. You’ll create your own and learn by trying. I found that diagrams are often hard to follow and dissuade me from working on my projects. Just dive in and have confidence in your DIY String Art Adventure.

Happy Stringing!

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