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DIY 3D Book Covers To Make Books Pop

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This is an exciting project for teens and younger kids alike. I would have loved to know about these DIY 3D Book Covers when I was school age. Those years are long gone, but I have school age children now and this is definitely the project that got my kids excited. Picking up a book with a fun and cool cover makes all the difference.

Have you noticed covers on Book for Kids and Teens lately! Check out School Books and you know what I’m talking about. Not every exciting huh? No wonder kids are not particularly keen on picking up a book in the first place. Kids are visual creatures. Just take them to a store and they will gravitate to anything bright, neon and fun colored. If you are a parent you probably have noticed that kids ask for candy in brightly colored wrappers, not candy that is covered in brown or black wrappers.

No different with books. Take them to the bookstore and watch what books they pick up. Not boring looking books right. Colors and fun shapes attract their attention. No different with Notebooks and School Books. Today it would be possible to print 3D Book Covers for School Books, unfortunately that is not a priority.

Why DIY 3D Book Covers?

We make it a priority at our house to encourage reading and the love of books any way we can. My teenage daughter is a bookworm now after refusing to pick up a book just a year ago and now has the goal of becoming an author herself. She mentioned, while the books she reads are great reads, she would never pick them from a shelf in a bookstore based on the cover.

If you want to encourage your kids and teenager to read more, creating DIY 3D Book Covers is a fun project to get them on the path to loving and appreciating books.

Just another thought of why I think this project is important. With the increase use of digital products, physical books are not as common in our kids lives. iPads, iPhones and tablets replace books. While it is great for my teenage daughter to have most books in digital form instead of having to carry 50 lbs. of books around, something gets lost.

The experience of picking up a book, feeling its texture and turning the pages can never be replicated by electronic devices. So here is my way to preventing books from becoming a thing of the past.

Now let’s get started with some Ideas of DIY Book Covers you can create. Teenagers will love this. Any shape is a go. Heart, Star, Characters and anything else. Cut your Craft Paper (we cut up paper bags free from store after shopping) any way you like.


Items You Need:

  • Scissors
  • Several sheets of different colors of paper
  • A paper grocery bag
  • Glue Stick
  • Tacky Glue

Lay your favorite colors in the pattern shown below. Keep in mind that you are working on the backside of the project when laying your pattern. When you flip it over after glueing the paper pieces you get the look of your design.


More Examples of 3D Book Covers and 3D Books

Now that you know how to make a 3d book cover get creative. As you can see the pattern is pretty simple as in the above 3d book model. You can come up with your own custom pattern with a little imagination.



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