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Cute Mason Jar Designs To Decorate Your Home

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If you google “Mason Jars” and endless number of results come up. When you click on sites you’ll quickly find that the same pics are posted over and over. It can take hours to find some truly unique and Elegant Mason Jar Ideas and Designs that stand out.

And this is what I do here. I sometimes take hours to find designs and ideas I want to try and share with you. If I don’t come up with something I research unique and different projects someone else has thought of. It’s all about teamwork and sharing and picking the projects and designs that fit your taste and style.

Check out some, in my opinion, most elegant, luxurious and exquisite Mason Jar Design Ideas to turn your home into an eye popping and lovely space.

Let’s explore some unique Mason Jar Ideas that will stand out.

This Mason Jar stand out because of it’s unique quote, not the usual Mason Jar Imprint. Use stick on lettering to lay out your quote. Spray paint with your favorite color. Peel of letters and add your decor.


Rose Gold is a luxurious color. Paint Your Rose Gold Mason Jars in this color and it’ll add a touch of glam to wherever you place them.

Mirrored Mason Jars capture the eye just because they are magically shiny. This is easily achieved by spray painting with Glass Spray Paint.

Often a simple and neutral color is the most classy look for decor. Antique White Jars in your kitchen add a splash of luxurious feel.

Antique White Jars

A gorgeous addition to any beach or marina style home. With some painter tape you can create a gorgeous design like these striped Mason Jars with ease.

A dog lover like me falls in love with this Dog Print Design Night Light. Ad some string of lighting to your design and keep it on at night. You’ll love the soothing look of this design.

Lavender and Mason Jars = Gorgeous Lavender Mason Jar Decor. If you love to paint and are somewhat talented you could get inspiration from this amazing design.

Gold and Pink or Gold and Mint are posh color combinations. Ombre Jars with these colors and you got yourself some beautiful decor.


Last but not least the classy and classic look of Black and White Design.

Your display should always come in uneven or odd numbers. Decor looks best in 3’s or 5’s. Create stunning Table Centerpieces for Holiday Table Settings or some gorgeous Sprint or Easter Table Centerpiece with mason jars and wildflowers. I hope this post inspires you to get creative.

Happy Jar Creating!

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