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Cut The Cord – Save Thousands – Sacrifice Nothing

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Learn how to cut the cord with your cable company, save money and continue to watch your favorite news, movies, TV shows and series. Cut the cord with your cable provider, who tells you what to subscribe too. Learn how Internet Streaming can save thousands of dollars.
Take the plunge and ditch the cable – start streaming and keep money in your pocket. Does all that sound great to you?

Why You Should Give Streaming A Serious Thought

Please raise your hand if you’ve ever felt ripped off by your cable provider? Are you forced to pay for channels you never watch? Are you paying for a more expensive package because you favorite channels are not included in the cheaper options? Welcome to the club. Are you finally fed up and ready to cut the cord? I tell you what I have done, how I saved thousands of dollars each year, without sacrificing my favorite Shows, Movies and Series.

When you look at your cable bill, do you see incredible charges that defy logic? Does it make you sick to your stomach – wishing you could get rid of this monster sucking your bank account dry each month? This should convince you even more.

The Truth about Cable

Let me ask you this? Do you like a few channels but they are only available with the expensive package? Are you therefore willing to pay for all the junk channels you never ever watch? I did that for years and wasted thousands of dollars supporting cable companies I did not even like to do business with. Companies that provide astonishingly poor customer service. Getting robbed by cable companies with enormous charges, additional charges, other fees, various taxes, additional programming fees and on and on for a product I only use about 25% of should be illegal.

Check out my bill in Aug – Sept 2016 – by the way, at this point Direct had been bought out by AT& T and Customer Service has been going downhill fast.

cut the cord

Then in December we added a few things because we wanted my mother to be able to watch in her own place and did not realize how much more the bill would be. Would you have a heart attack when receiving a bill like this one?

cut the cord


I sure did! As if it wasn’t bad enough before.

Why You Need To Cut The Cord

Cable companies figured out long time ago, that in order to watch one’s favorite show, one is willing to pay for a crazy number of channels not desired at all. So they bundled undesirable shows into cheaper packages leaving you only one option to see what you like – paying into their “most expensive” and, according to them, “most popular” package.

As if the prospect of choosing between handing over your hard earned money and giving up your favorite shows is not daunting enough, going through channel lineups, trying to find a package tailored to you is impossible.

Prepare To Give the Cable Companies The Boot

Well, there’s good news. In a few simple steps you can get rid of cable TV – save money while still watching TV shows – movies – series you enjoy, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. With the right know how and tools at your disposal, you could easily have it all – all without cable companies, huge expenses, or complicated equipment.

I’ll walk through how to cut the cable right now in this very blog post. When we’re done you’ll know exactly how to continue watching every movie, show and series that. Ready? Let’s dive in. Steps to Cutting Cable – Saving Money and Watching Movies and Shows you choose.Before you start diving into cutting cable and cost, you need to get a few things lined up. Just like you would when starting a new project, establish your goals, and ready your tools. Then, you can implement step by step, without any hiccups along the way. Also, put your devices in place to be uninterrupted in your quest to cut cost and cable.

Keep in mind that you may already have most of what you need. Most likely you have internet at your home. Most likely you have a smartphone, iPad or computer. See, nothing fancy going on here.

Best Alternatives to Cable

Streaming Movies and everything in between News and Original Series, cable is becoming a thing of the past. Streaming is mobile, and you can take it anywhere. On vacation, business trips etc. Here are my Best Picks for Cableless Movie watching.

See how difficult is is to watch a movie on the beach 🙂

That’ why I opted to sign up for:


Sign up for NETFLIX to stream your movies anywhere – anytime. Netflix has gotten so popular, it started its own TV shows and movies. Cost: approx. $ 10/month.


To watch all of your favorite TV shows and movies sign up with HULU. You can even get the latest episodes of TV shows the day after they air. HULU offers plenty of movies as well. Cost: $ 7.99 with limited commercials, $ 11.99 without commercials.What a sweet deal.


Check this out! Verizon customers can even watch NFL TICKETS right from the NFL Mobile app for free. We are getting ready to switch our phones from AT&T to Verizon and use Suddenlink as our Internet Provider. No more AT&T at this point.


Next, sign up for Amazon Prime, which includes Amazon Instant Videos. I have been a subscriber for years and have watched hundreds of my favorite movies and shows via Amazon Instant Movies and watch Thousands of Movies & TV Shows Anytime. Additionally you can rent or buy new releases to stream right from your laptop or Smart TV.

You can get your favorite premium channels on your Fire Stick with your Amazon Prime membership. Sign up for a free trial:

  • HBO
  • Showtime
  • Cinemax
  • Starz
  • Lifetime Movie Club

and see if you like it. You can cancel anytime and are never locked into a contract such as cable companies lock you in.
Check out all that’s included with Amazon Prime.

Fire Stick

This next little device is amazing. I have a tiny device, this Fire Stick, to stream Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant Videos to any TV at home or away from home. Brilliant isn’t it? No complicated equipment, electronics or devices. A simple Stick.

Sports Apps

For all the Sports Fans who think they have no options. Here it is. All your favorite sports channels are available via apps like these here:

And now I am able to do this 🙂

So I cut the cord. While streaming my favorite shows and movies, I was still using cable just to make sure it all works as expected. Today, when I tried to cancel and cut my cable, I was told that I am looked into a contract for the next 18 months. More so a reason to get rid of cable. Streaming is the future and it will never lock you into a costly and long term contract. I decided to eat my penalty and unchain myself from the cable company.

Happy Streaming!



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