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Chic Home Decor Cleverly Designed With Style

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Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could redesign your surroundings without breaking the bank? Just imagine a stylish and chic  home, the place you always dreamed of. Good News! Make your home a fabulous place with some timeless chic home decor that goes with any style.

All your home really needs is a personal touch. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to add some flair without spending a lot of money. To be perfectly honest, many home decor items can be easily replicated. As you will see, decorating can be much more fun if you put some of your own ideas and work into it. And I mean, if you create some home decor yourself.

How many times have you said to yourself, I want to change things only to get discouraged by the lack of imagination. Are you ready to get inspired today, right here? You’ll fall in love with the selection of chic home decor you could decorate your home with.

Chic Home Decor Ideas

Distressed Mason Jars

Of course you have seen Mason Jars and Diy Projects with Mason Jars. They are included in this list of Home Decor because there are many many ways to decorate using custom designed Jars.

mason jars

These attractive MASON JARS FOR KITCHEN UTENSILS look much prettier in your kitchen than the mass produced Items from box stores.

mason jars

And don’t forget about Pickle Jars, Jelly Jars, Salsa Jars, you get the idea. They all can be repurposed into chic home decor on a dime. Think about that. You already payed for the glass when you bought the product, so why do your throw it out?

mason jars

home decor

Cutlery Display Set

Imagine all your Silverware displayed like this. Save your cans so you can create this cute Cutlery Display set for your gorgeous silverware. From now on, when you invite family or friends over for barbeque or dinner the silverware will be in plain sight.

home decor

How about this cutie. This elegant and timeless CUTLERY HOLDER Design comes in handy for Parties and Get Togethers.

chic home decor

chic decor


Stone Candle Holders Home Decor

Got Rocks? Sure everybody knows where to find some. The trick is to find the shape that actually creates a tower. Like the little River Stones that have a flat surface. Paint and glue on top of each other and there is your unique candle holder. Candle holders are a fantastic addition to any home decor.

candle light

Blanket Ladder Home Decor

Imagine this ladder full of your favorite cozy blankies for the season. This is a functional as well as decorational home decor idea easy to make yourself.

blanket ladder

home decor

Tiered Tray Kitchen Decor

The startling truth about photo frames. You don’t have to use ’em for photos anymore. Finally, there is another great way to turn a frame into a functional and chic home decor item. Let’s say a tiered fruit tray perhaps. A fantastic kitchen decor idea to display yummy fruit that would otherwise be forgotten and rotten. Check it out!

How about that? But wait. There is more. Maybe a serving tray like this one? Serving trays are a must in any kitchen. Not always for serving and often used to display kitchen decor.

chic decor

Chunky Knit Blanket Bedroom or Living Room Decor

Imagine cozying up with this cuddly CHUNKY KNIT BLANKET on your couch, with some hot tea or glass of red wine and a great book or movie. This blanket has comfort written all over. Do you wonder too how big those needles have to be 🙂

Drift Wood Mirror Wall Decor

I love working with wood as I have many trees to my disposal. Storms knock down branches and they are perfect for DIY Projects like this one. Drift Wood Mirror Frame from pieces of old, dried out wood. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Mirror. A stunning and chic home decor addition to any home.

Do you love this mirror but don’t have the time. Handcrafted Drift Wood Mirror ready for delivery is another option. This one is stunning as well.


I am in love with French Style Vintage Designs. My future project plans include changing much of my decor to this Style. Lot’s of work ahead, but here is one chic home decor project to work on in the next few days.


Do you feel the itch to get creative? Are you inspired to update your personal space with chic home decor? What are you waiting for? Pick one of the home decor ideas and get started. I know you will love the end result and be proud of your handcrafted Chic Decor. Any of the projects above make for a perfect gift, and this gift keeps on giving by being handcrafted by you. Happy Creating 🙂 Check out 12 more DIY Home Decor Must Haves.

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