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Chalk Paint Furniture Part 1

chalk paint
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Before Chalk Paint, people painted with pigments mixed with a medium and chalk. The technique has been around since the days when humans were painting on the walls of caves.

However, using paint made with chalk and acrylic paint is relatively new. It shortcuts a lot of the difficult parts of antiquing and renovating furniture by by-passing the process of stripping off layers of old paint and finishes.

You may feel intimidated about taking on this kind of project, but you shouldn’t. This is a great project for any level of painter – the novice to the professional. If you’ve never worked with chalk paint before, that’s okay.

Chalk paint is something that can take a piece of furniture and make it look brand new, or as old as you want it to look, with just a few minor techniques you can easily do yourself.

Painting with Chalk Paint is the easy way to update tired furniture and transform your home. Chalk paint is a fun way to experiment with  how to mix colors and how to achieve certain looks. Whether your taste is for colorful boho chic or restrained Swedish hues, cozy and comforting rustic shades, a modern and contemporary approach, or an elegant French look, you can create your one-of-a-kind chalk painted pieces.

All in one to get your started and 43 colors to choose from

Watch an easy-to-follow technique that can be applied to any of your furniture or home décor projects.

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