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Tire Chairs
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When you get ready to purchase your set of new tires, don’t throw the old ones out or leave them at the shop. They will come in handy as you will find out here. I never thought of this and wish I would have known about this Craft Project long time ago. I could have a million DIY Rubber Tire Chairs by now.

Having used tires as swings for the kids and as flower containers, I never thought of making my own DIY Rubber Tire Chairs. This DIY Project is a fantastic idea. Items that can be recycled are a great project. I can’t wait to get a new set of tires and to take my old ones home to start on this project.

After you make some of these Tire Chairs you can feel good about spending money on new Tires. This way you really get your money’s worth and don’t just burn the rubber on the road 🙂

American Chairs Made From Tires

This Project is not very complicated. Materials are cheap. Anyone can do this. Give it a try. Drill holes into the tire so you can string rope and create a netting which the wooden seat will rest on. Start at the bottom of the tire and start wrapping and gluing your rope around the tire. The alternative is to spray paint the tire in your favorite color. Ad your cushions and you are ready to enjoy your handcrafted american chairs.

DIY Rubber Tire Chairs

Image by influrior

These Tire Chairs are a little different and very weather resistant. Stacking two tires and adding a back support makes these handmade american chairs unique. Perfect for the Backyard or Poolside. I would add some cushions to these and paint them in fun colors.

DIY Rubber Tire Chairs

Image by hopkinshotrods

Same steps as the first tire tutorial but for taller DIY Chairs stack two rubber tires and secure them to one another. You could create your own barstools by stacking several of these.

DIY Rubber Tire Chairs

Image by sophiemccarron

I wish I would have know about this fun project long time ago. I would have stacked my old tires and repurposed them into some amazing Tire chairs. I am due soon for a new set of tires and will complete this project for my backyard.

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