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9 Magic Crayon Art Ideas with Melted Crayons

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Before you get started learn from the following melted crayon art on canvas ideas about the different techniques on how to achieve great results. Magic Crayons melting on a Canvas is a fun project for Kids and Adults. If you have never tried this project, it’s about time. You really missed out on something amazing and incredibly creative. Pick from your favorite crayola crayons colors and get started with crayola creation on canvas. My favorite Magic Crayons are sparkly, bright colored and metallic.

How to Melt Crayons on Canvas

This is very simple. Tape your favorite colors of Crayons together and secure them on top of a canvas. Turn on hairdryer and set to high heat. See your crayons melt down the canvas to create a stunning mix of colors.

Tip: Blow in different directions to make colors run into each other. Watch the gooey mess run down the Canvas. It is so much fun. You can literally create hundreds of unique master pieces by simply melting crayons.

Melted Crayons Canvas Art

Image Source

Melted Crayon Wax Spatter Art

This technique is done with crayons and a lighter. Please don’t let your kids do this one and be very careful not to burn your fingertips. It is fun to see the drops of magic crayons hit the canvas. Use your favorite colors. This is a technique to embellish photo and picture frames with fun dotted designs.

magic crayons

Image Source

I use a different tool when melting crayons. Works much better for me but I don’t let my kids use it because it gets way too hot. Watch the gooey mess run down the Canvas.

How To Melt Crayons Without A Hair Dryer

If you have an old glue gun you can try Method 2 in this  Tutorial. That is, if you don’t mind getting melted crayon all over your gun. I love this project since it doesn’t involve an open flame.

glue gun crayons art

Image Source

It is so much fun. You can literally create hundreds of unique master pieces by simply melting crayons.

Create amazing images like this colorful peacock by using a glue gun and crayons. See How it’s made HERE.

peacock crayon art


How To Make Melted Crayon Art With Words

The best Valentines Day Gifts come from the Heart and are created by your hands. This is my one of my favorite projects on how to make melted crayon art with designs.


Image Source

A melted Magic Crayon Heart would make a lovely and unique Valentines Gift for someone you care about. Show your heart in the form of melted crayons and they may have a place with your favorite person forever.

melted heart

Image Source

How To Make Melted Crayon Art With Silhouette

Do you love Butterflies? Then you will love this melted crayon art idea. These simple yet gorgeous art projects with crayons and paper looks like a million bucks but costs you pennies on the dollar. Perfect little trio for gifts and home decor such as wall art or display on shelving.


Image Source

Another pretty designs using crayons and a tree silhouette.

silhouette and crayons

And here you can see how crayon art using a silhouette it’s done.

Get your Meltdown Kit and start on your project. When you have all the tools it’s very simple to teach your kids how to melt crayons with heat via a hairdryer.

Use buttons, ribbons and anything else you have around the home to embellish your creation. This may be a fun activity if you host a birthday party for your children. On a smaller scale perhaps. Your guests will have something fun to take home to remember your party forever.

Melted Crayon on Canvas Ideas

Learn a technique of targeted crayon melting by using a glue gun to create your unique art piece. I like this one because you are more in control of colors and design.

Items you need:

Crayon Melting Art Tips:

Tip 1: How to melt crayons without a hairdryer

Take of paper wrapping and chop crayons into pieces (only adults should do this part). Place crayons in heat safe container or form. Place in oven at around 250 degrees and watch it melt.

Tip 2: How to melt crayons in the Microwave

Take of paper wrapping and cut crayons into smaller pieces. Microwave for 2 minutes and check every 30 sec. Microwaves are different and crayons may melt at different times. Use while liquid.

Tip 3: How to melt crayons with Hot Water

Remove wrapper and cut crayons into pieces. Place in heat safe container. Heat up water in a pot and place your container with crayons in the waterbath. Watch them melt and use when liquid.

Now that you have different options and techniques get on to Happy Crafting! Break out your Magic Crayons, use one of the above tips to get your melted crayons and design your own unique crayon art.

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