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5 June Home Maintenance To-Do List 

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Summer is finally here. After some long winter months, and nice spring weather, temperatures are starting to warm up and it’s time to get your home summer ready. Making sure your air conditioning unit and outdoor grilling station is ready to work, here is a list of June Home Maintenance Chores you might want to get done pretty soon. Create a quick home maintenance checklist and complete each of the following chores.

Home Maintenance Tip #1

If you live in hot climates, properly working air conditioning is vital in the summer. Make sure to check your air conditioning return vents and replace filters. This should be done more frequently depending on how much your unit runs. Pour one cup of bleach in the drain pipe opening located close to the unit in the attic to clean and disinfect the drain line. Check around your air conditioning ducts for leaks. If air escapes from damaged ducts, your home will not be efficiently cooled and you may end up with a huge bill.


Home Maintenance Tip #2

Get the inside and outside of your home ready and looking beautiful with a few maintenance tips. Winters and wet weather can be harsh on the outside of your home. Mold and discoloration on sidings are not a pretty sight. Use a bleach solution of 10% bleach to 90% water, spray on mold and mildew, let sit for 20 minutes, then brush and rinse off.

June Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance Tip #3

Sprinkler systems can get damaged in harsh winter months. A freeze may bust pipes, sprinkler heads get damaged and sometimes electric parts wear out. Run a quick check on your sprinkler system to assure all stations are working to properly water your yard and flower beds.

June Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance Tip #4

Ceiling Fans and fan blades have been idle and collection dust over the winter and should be checked and cleaned before turning on. To not risk falling off a ladder, get yourself a ceiling fan dusterr, which makes this job very quick and efficient.

Home Maintenance Tip #5

Appliances such as driers collect lint. Check your dryer vent and clean frequently to avoid a potential fire hazard. The drier will work more efficient when vents are clean.
If you left your grill outdoors or have a built in grilling station you may want to thoroughly clean rust and dirt before throwing your next summer party.

Or have someone clean the grill for you 🙂

Don’t procrastinate with your june home maintenance to do list. The five simple steps above to get your home summer ready are not all you may need to do, but it is a great start. Especially important are airconditioning and sprinklersystem maintenance. Non functioning of these two important items in your home cause a lot of headache and money if they are in need of a major repair. Maintaining your systems will prolong proper functioning and avoid breakdown. Proper maintenance saves money.

Find out more on what to do to maintain your home in June, from cleaning dryer vents and grills to pruning shrubs away from air conditioners and adjusting sprinkler systems.

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