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3D Ring Binder You Will Not See Anywhere Else

Ring Binders
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I though I’d never use old fashion 3D Ring Binders again. Document Filing was supposed to be a thing of the past. Creating electronic filing systems on external hard drives replaced the old manual filing system . Figuring out how to create a filing system for a home office took some time but physical filing was a ancient and a thing of the past. Sounds good right. Well, not so fast. I found something out. 

Importance Of Filing Documents

Whether physical or electronic record keeping, documents need a home. More importantly, certain documents need different types of filing systems. Receipts, orders, correspondence can be stored electronically; however, Personal Documents such as Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Marriage License etc. are needed in original form. And this is where a manual filing system comes in handy.

Custom Binder Examples I Made In The Past

I currently use 2 types of filing systems. One is electronically and one is manually. I use external hard drives for daily filing, and binders for my physical files. Here are some of the folders I made in the past. 

This one features Austria’s Coat of Arms. “The current coat of arms of Austria has been in use, in various forms, by the Republic of Austria since 1919. Between 1934 and the German annexation in 1938 Austria used a different coat of arms, which consisted of a double-headed eagle. The establishment of the Second Republic in 1945 saw the return of the original (First Republic) arms, with broken chains added to symbolise Austria’s liberation.” – source

Ring Binders

Here is another one, hand painted and stamped with Grape Vines. A grungy vintage looking Ring Binder, which looked fun on display on office shelves.

Ring Binder

Those custom binders are a fun way to file special documents like Diplomas, Certificates and Personal Documents. I stopped making them because I got lost in the digital craze and started scanning all my documents to hard drives. Still kept the originals but not handy (Tip: always keep your originals somewhere safe).

Technology is amazing but you gotta appreciation doing things the old way it it works better. Now my Ring Binder purchase from long time ago seems to not have been wasted after all. 

How to Make Document Filing and File Keeping More Fun

Would you be more excited if you saw a fun assortment of Custom Binders to work with. Document filing is more fun when you get creative. This is one of the fastest and easiest projects to pretty up your office, and it is very inexpensive.

Ring Binder Supplies For This Project

Here is a list of items I used to create my awesome handmade folder:

This is my favorite mint/brown cow print minky fabric. A while back I bought a big roll of this fabric to make blankets and pillows. The left over scrap fabric was perfect for this project.

rind binders

Lay out Ring Binder on the fabric fully opened. Measure how much is needed to cover the folder inside and out. Add about 2 inches to the fabric all around to have some overlap for securing on to the folder.

custom folder

Remove hardware from inside of Ring Binder. It is simple. Just take of 2 tiny screws and lift.

custom folder

Tip: Spray Adhesive helps keep fabric stick to the folder while cutting fabric and securing it on the binder. It will not be enough to permanently hold it.

custom folder

Once fabric and binder are lined up the main work begins.

custom folder

Tip: A hard surface such as this metal plate comes in handy for this next step. I have tried without a hard backing and I had to redo the whole step.

custom folder

Take your Heavy Duty Staple Gun with short 5mm staples to attach the fabric to the folder. Here is why a hard surface is important. When I first attempted this step on the canvas covered table staples went through fabric and folder fine, but stuck out on the back without being flattened. So I had to remove all staples and redo. Backing it against a hard surface ensures the staples are actually flattened in the back.

custom folder

Check this out. Just stapled this fabric on the inside of the folder but no staples are visible on the outside. You don’t want to feel any sharp edges or unclosed staples when you check your binder.
custom folder

Secure fabric to folder all around your custom binder. Re-attach the hardware and you’re Ring Binder is ready to be used. Creating your custom binder could not be any easier or quicker. This project took about 12 minutes.

custom folder

What do you think. Do you like my Cow Print 3D Ring Binder?

custom folder

My next project will be to create a leather ring binder. Document filing is more exciting when you look at a executive leather binder portfolio on your shelving. Even a home office can feel like an executive office with the right decor. Custom binders add that extra flair to a home office and creates more urgency for document filing.

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