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21 DIY Hack Secrets To Save Time And Money

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You have to check out some of the best household hacks here. Some of these awesome life hacks are so easy and quick with items you may already have in your home. Some cool tips and tricks below will make your life easier.

Most of the time when I look for  hacks it’s because I am desperate and don’t have the right things, tools or know how to get something done. Some of my hacks happen out of frustration and trying to find a quick fix. Not all pan out but I am always on the lookout for the best household hacks, life tricks and tips.

Amazing DIY Hack Secrets That Will Change Your Life

1. Makeup Display and Storage DIY Hack Secrets

Don’t throw out your empty bottles yet. Cut the top of empty plastic bottles. Smooth and seal the top part by holding it against an iron for a split second (use and old iron so not to ruin your clothes with leftover plastic stuck to it). Use them for storage.


Image Source

2. Small Items Storage DIY Hack Secrets

Here is a hack that comes in handy too. Just cut two plastic bottles in half. Use the bottom part of the bottles. With a hot glue gun attach a zipper on the inside of your bottle parts and zip ’em up. Store anything without getting lost or falling out.

upcycled bottle

Image Source

3. Safety DIY Hack Secrets

Who would think rubber bands come in handy one day. I learned the hard way that you don’t walk out the door, not even for a second, when your toddler is inside and curious about every knob and button. My daughter managed to push the button on the inside of the handle the second the door slammed shut. I was locked out. I did have a key to open the door but what if I didn’t . Well here is the solution. Tie a rubberband around the door handles and over the part that latches and keep it from locking you out.

diy hack secrets

Image Source

4. Don’t lock yourself out DIY Hack Secrets

A different door handle but same rubber band concepts. Just make sure the handle is secured with the rubber band to keep the door from latching

diy hack secrets

Image Source

5. Picture hanging DIY Hack Secrets

Painters Tape is your best friend for making picture hanging a breeze. Especially useful when hanging a picture with two hooks. Check it out.

6. Toy Storage DIY Hack Secrets 
A very cute Toy Storage Idea made from Wooden Crates and Wheels. These are very mobile and kids can easily roll them from one room to another.
diy toy storage
Image Source and Tutorial
7. Keeping Keys Safe DIY Hack Secrets

This is really simple. Get a pretty Decor Box. I found mine in a local store onsale and put it by your entrance. Every time you walk in the door place you key in the box. You will never have to look for lost keys again.

key box


8.Hair Accessories Storage DIY Hack Secrets


9.Door Storage DIY Hack Secrets

Why not turn the inside of your doors into storage. With so many doors in a house it would be a waste of space to leave closed doors untouched. A simple door storage solution with a pegboard.

door storage

Image Source

10. Grocery Bag Storage DIY Hack Secrets

I am big into repurposing and that’s why I love this next project. Use an empty plastic bottle and some fabric to create this cute Grocery Bag Storage Solution. Even Grocery Bags have a home and purpose in our house. Why use expensive dog poop bags when you can store your grocery bags and use them to clean up after your best friends.

diy hack secrets

Image Source

11. Organized Shoe Storage DIY Hack Secrets

PVC Pipes are not just for Plumbing Jobs. They make for a cheap and fantastic looking storage solution. Leave them plain as they come, paint them in your favorite color, or embellish them with fabric and other items and create your design for storage.

shoe storage

Image Source

12. Toilet Paper and Hand Towels Storage DIY Hack Secrets

I usually store my toilet paper reserves and freshly washed hand towels inside a closed far away from the bathroom where they are really needed. So it has happened that someone had used up all the toilet paper and it was too late for my 8 year old to notice ahead of time. Screaming for someone to bring some supplies to him, I realized I got it all wrong. Stuff needs to be where it’s needed and where it’s handy. Here is a great solution.

toilet paper and hand towel storage

Image Source

13. Hanging Basket Bathroom Storage DIY Hack Secrets

Image Source

14. Linen Storage DIY Hack Secrets

This here is my inspiration for my linen closet look. I haven’t given much thought to my linen closet, which is closed and not open to view most times, until I saw this. Finding my linens like this when opening the door would sure make me get excited to take care of my linens.

linen closet

Image Source

15. Ball Cap Organizer DIY Hack Secrets

Or scarves, ties etc. This is a versatile design. I use this to organize my ball caps. I have a million and in every color to match any outfit. Living in Texas you gotta have your Ball Caps to protect from the sun. Now just imagine this for anything you like to hang and organize.


Image Source

16. Charging Station DIY Hack Secrets

Who has not wished for an easier way to charge all the gadgets than having all the cords hanging around everywhere. My office looks like one big charging station for the family and I get entangled in the cords. So cords no more with this cute charger organizing idea.

DIY charging station

Image Source

17. Electronics Docking Station DIY Hack Secrets

A few more examples of charging stations in different designs. I absolutely love this idea because we all have been one day or another frustrated with this issue.

charging station


18. Small Bathroom Storage DIY Hack Secrets

Mason Jars are one of the most versatile Storage Solution Items for DIY’ers. Whenever I am at the Craft Store I make sure I pick some up, just in case. Like in this case. I love this idea of creating a fun and stylish small bathroom storage solution with mason jars.

mason jar storage

Image Source

19. Cord Keeper DIY Hack Secrets

Very frustrating sight when looking behind my desk. With several computers, iPads, iPhones, Scanners, Printers and Routers it can get pretty messy, crowded and entangled. Occasionally I lose one of the cords that got loose and it takes time away from work to find it. So here is my solution. Industrial strenght tape and assorted binder clips. Glue the binder clips on the back of the desk or docking station and secure cables. No more getting lost even when disconnected. Genius.

cable organizing solution

20. Cleaning Storage DIY Hack Secrets

Now this is the way to store cleaning supplies inside a small space. I love the hanger with the bottles idea. Perfect for under the sink and to keep everything handy. What do you think of these household hacks to make your life easier?

under sink cleaning supplies storage

Image Source

21. Laundry Room Storage DIY Hack Secrets

And this is my absolute favorite of the household hacks that will make your life easier. This one qualifies for the OMG life hacks of hacks. Chalkboard door for messages and storage all in one.

Image Source

All of the above are excellent DIY Hack Secrets that come in handy. Do you think you will try some of our amazing Life Hacks soon? Hacks are a great way to solve frequently encountered problems.

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