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20 Unique Wreaths For Front Doors And Homes

unique wreaths
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Celebrate the season, decorate your home with some stunning and unique wreaths you make yourself or purchase from some talented crafters. 

The most exciting decorating season of the year has arrived. Fall is a special time of the Year. Leaves are turning colors, temperatures are dropping and the days grow shorter. Let nature’s fall colors inspire you to bring this time of the season inside home.

Here at DIY Secrets, we are excited about the Fall Season. One of the most sought after decor items are unique wreaths. Whether you’re planning to make some fall wreaths for yourself, give them as gifts, or for selling, learning wreath design can create a new hobby or even better, a new career.

Fall Wreaths can be used to:

  • beautify front doors,
  • embellish gate entrances,
  • dress up mail boxes
  • embellish inside your home and much more.

Backyards, Parks, Trails are amazing places to discover the amazing changes of the season that take place in fall. We take this opportunity to look for items that can be used to create our fall crafts and to change the feel of our home. 

I don’t always have the time to make wreaths for my home or for gifting, and when I see something very unique I support to my fellow fall wreath crafters who pour their heart and soul into their creations.

What your unique wreaths cold look like

Each picture is clickable.

Apples, Nuts and Pine Cones are a symbol of Fall. Combine these Items into some stunning Fall Wreaths. Another benefit is the pleasant aroma of apples and pine cones.

fall wreaths

This one is amazing for the simple fact you get to drink some wine and collect the cork. Well, you’d have to drink a lot of wine or you can simply do what I do and order a bag of premium recycled corks from around the US.

fall wreaths

Here is a very unique Fall Wreath Idea. Cut our pieces in the shape of leaves from holiday cards or photographs and add together to create wreath.

fall wreath

Burlap is one of my favorite Materials to work with. Create simple yet gorgeous Fall Wreaths with Burlap.

fall wreaths

You’ll absolutely love this one. It’s so simple. Wrap your favorite colors of yarn around styrofoam balls and add some props. Love it.

fall wreaths

If you have some fabric scraps left over this one is for you. Sew up some baggies, stuff ’em with lavender or other great smelling items and attach them to a wire circle. Voila, this could be a wreath for all year to make your home smell amazing.

fall wreaths

How sweet is this wreath? Gather some assorted paper flowers and arrange in a circle. Choose different colors and patterns to fit the season.

fall wreaths

This one is very simple and quick to make. Alternate your favorite silk flowers in two different colors and some greenery in the back and attach it all to a wire circle.

fall wreaths

Another one of my favorites. Simply tie fall wire ribbons around a wire form in your favorite colors.

fall wreath

Now, just in case you have some old book laying around. Here is a way to upcycle stuff you don’t read anymore.

fall wreaths

I hope you ENJOY and SHARE my favorite picks for FAll WREATHS 🙂

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