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11 Clever DIY Craft Room Organization Ideas

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There is nothing more uninspiring than walking into a disorganized Craft Room. When you are excited to work on a new project but have to dig your way through the clutter to find tools. If, over time, your Craft Room has grown into an unmanageable mess, you’ll love the organization ideas here. Everything will have its place. Nothing will be lost. No risk of buying things again because they have mysteriously gone missing. How does that sound?

What’s the Goal

Think about this? What inspires your imagination and crafters spirit? Of course, a space that is organized. A space that sparkles in your favorite colors. And most importantly, a space where you find all your crafters tools in a flash.  Nothing more frustrating when precious time is wasted digging through chaos.

How would you like to walk into a Craft Room that inspires creativity and imagination? Where everything is organized and easy to find. A special place where you turn your ideas into reality and bring projects to life. So let’s dive in and check out some projects.

1. Giant Peg Board Design

Peg Boards are a great way to organize a Craft Room. With different hooks and holders to choose from, this is an organizational set up completely customized to your needs and liking. Mount your Pegboard on the Wall as is or custom frame it with some cut to size wooden panels.

A smaller version of the peg board comes in very handy for organizing tools or if you don’t have much wall space.

2. Hanging Pails

One simple way to organize and store some of your crafters items is a panel of hanging small tin pails. This craft room organization idea is ideal for smaller spaces or for small items, and would easily fit inside a closet to be out of sight.

3. Twine and Ribbon Keeper

Get Ribbons and Twines organized with this next craft room idea. Any frame will do for this project. Secure Cup Hooks on either side, cut circular dowels slightly shorter than the length of the frame, add your ribbons and/or twines and place dowels on cup hooks. That’s it. So simple.

4. Designer Cup Pen Holders

Add a few of these gorgeous custom cup organizers to your desk to keep pencils, pens and other things organized. Find cheap plastic cups at a dollar store, insert self stick felt pads to cup bottom, cut fabric or lace to size, spray with adhesive and add fabric to outside of cup. Look how pretty this is.


5. Colored Marker Holder

This is genius. If you are currently digging through a bin to find the right colors and shades of markers, this one is for you. Organize Markers with this super easy DIY PVC pipe organizer. Cut PVC pipe to desired size, glue together with PVC Cement, hot glue, epoxy or E6000, add a backing such as cardboard paper to prevent markers from falling out in the back and you are ready to organize your colors.

6. Fabric Filing System

Keep your fabrics organized with this Fabric Filing System. If you work with fabrics you may have piles stacked up. Every time you need a piece you have to dig and move mountains. Here is a perfect solution to keep fabrics in order. Instead of filing paperwork, file fabrics.


In case you have your baby crib, don’t get rid of it when your child moves up to a big kid bed. Check out this fabric organizer repurposed from a crib side.

7. Chalkboard Cabinet Organizer

I like some of my art and craft supplies out of the way, yet still easy to find. Turn a filing cabinet into a pretty storage by adding chalk paint or a chalkboard to one side of the cabinet. Use as inspirational board, reminders, or to do list.

8. Yarn Storage System

To keep all knitting supplies organized consider adding one of these yarn organizers to your craft room.

Yarn Storage Cabinet

And while you are working on a knitting project, keep your yard neatly stored inside this genius yard holder I found on Etsy.

9. Button Organizer

Where do you currently store your buttons? Mine are thrown together inside a drawer and every new button gets dumped into the pile. Not very exciting right? There is a better way of organizing your buttons and keeping them sorted. All you need is some plastic storage tubes with lids, a glue gun to ad button to lid, and a cute decorative basket to keep them organized.

10. Glitter Glue Bottle Storage

This one is brilliant. Frame and Velcro is all you need to keep your favorite colors of glitter glue in place. Place a small piece of velcro on the board and bottle and stick it.

11. Sewing Thread Organizer

If you like working on sewing projects you probably accumulate quite a few spools of thread. To keep them nicely organized and handy use a framed peg board or wooden board, measure and mark where you will place nails and hammer away. Place nails at an upward angle, and your thread spools will stay on when hung on the wall.

Whether you are setting up an art room from scratch or you are looking for cool craft room designs for your existing space, the above craft room decorating ideas are budget friendly and fun to create. All of the mentioned Craft Room Storage Ideas are suitable for even the smallest of Craft Room Designs. Give ’em a try!

Happy Organizing!

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