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11 Amazing Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas
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These 11 Amazing Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas will change your life. It has changed mine and put the fun back into gifting and wrapping.

Is this happening to you too? Over the last several years Gift Wrapping has turned into a much dreaded chore rather than a joyous occasion. Often Gifts are wrapped in a hurry in the last minute. This year I am set out to put the joy into wrapping again.

Here are some things to think about. This will determine which wrapping process you want to look at.

  • Are you an early shopper or do you wait ‘till the last minute?
  • Do You like wrapping yourself or use services at a store?
  • Do you like to get creative or rather wrap traditionally?
  • How much time are you willing to put into wrapping?
  • Do you want your gifts to stand out before they are even opened?

Want to make Christmas and Gifting even more special this Year then consider some of these 11 Amazing Gift Wrapping Ideas that will WOW your Friends and Family.

11 Amazing Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

1. Recycled Black Paper and hand drawn/written images, notes and names are one of my absolute favorites. This one is for early birds. If you start early and have quite a bit of time you want to try this most personal way of christmas gift wrapping.Christmas Gift Wrapping

Image via goinghometoroost

Items you need for above wrapping and what I found work best:

2. String Art Wrapping works best on plain Craft Paper. Use Yarn or Twine and either glue on or wrap your design on or around package. Super cute and inexpensive.
Christmas Gift Wrapping

Image by theshadyacre

3. This one is another one of my absolute favorite Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas. Do you have any old wool socks you can spare? Check out this fun Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea made from a Sock.

Image by lonny

4.Can you guess what this one is made of? Yes, the sleeve of a sweater. Simple and Cute, huh?Christmas Gift Wrapping

Image by boxwoodclippings

5. Cut out 2 layers of paper in your favorite Christmas Style, sandwich a gift in between and glue or sew around the edges to seal.
Christmas Gift Wrapping

Image by countryliving

6. Try yourself in the Japanese art of furoshiki. Developed in ancient Japan as a way to bundle clothes , nowadays it is often used as a way to protect and decorate gifts. Make sure your fabric is big enough to bundle. Think of it as Origami, only much simpler.
Christmas Gift Wrapping
Christmas Gift Wrapping

Image by evermine

7. Put crayon shavings between tissue paper (3 on bottom and top) and iron until melted. Replicate Adrienne Wong’s abstract design and use as wrapping paper.
Christmas Gift Wrapping

Image via countryliving

8. Pre-fill a Glass Jar with Ingredients for Cookie baking, wrap a pretty ribbon around and attack the tag with ingredient list and instructions.
Christmas Gift Wrapping
9. This is as cute as is gets. A wooden box embellished by what your heart desires. Glue the person’s favorite items onto the box. This could be a “Guess Whose Gift it is” Game at Christmas. What a fun Idea.
Christmas Gift Wrapping

Image by memorymakerz

10. Wrap your Gift in the Gift itself. What a brilliant idea.
Christmas Gift Wrapping

Image by makoodle

11. Don’t throw out your newspaper yet. Here is a cute way to repurpose news that become un newsworthy.
Christmas Gift Wrapping

Image by adelle

Hope you try some of these Christmas Wrapping Ideas here and let me know how it turns out. Happy Wrapping!

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