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10 Awesome Paper Quilling – Paper Filigree Designs

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Ready to dive into more elaborate paper quilling designs? This is a great inspiration if you are a visual learner. I find that in paper quilling visuals are more helpful than step by step instructions. Once you master the Basics Of Paper Quilling you are well on your way for some of the designs show here.

Look at some of the pictures below and I am confident you too can recreate some of these Paper Quilling Designs.

Start out with simple quilling designs such as flowers or this Tree below. You can easily imagine the shapes you need for petals, stems, trunks and leaves.

paper quilling

Once you are more skilled and confident try to recreate one of the most famous and most beautiful trees – The Tree Of Life.

Trees don’t need to be designed with simple rolls of paper. Simple rolls and scrolls are great to start out with, but eventually you will want to create more diverse designs. Check out this Amazing Maple Leave and imagine it on your own artwork.


Flowers are one of the most created designs in paper quilling. You will find a million different quilling patterns,  but it is very easy to design a flower for yourself. This Red Rose Design is a great idea for Mother’s Day.

paper filigree

Now you can venture into Animal Designs, which tend to be a bit much elaborate. Try one like this Peacock Design.

paper filigree

Kids love this little Little Honey Bee. Isn’t she the cutest?

paper filigree

A gorgeous and unbelievably simple and quick Feather Design. This can be finished in no time.

feather art

One of my favorites is this Customized Heart Design. This one is a great projects for a teenage girl’s room or gift.

paper filigree

This is a 3D Paper Quilling Flower Arrangement Design. This would be a project in progress over some time I would think. Quite a bit of time goes into one of those. Can you see that the rolls and scrolls are not just laid flat onto the background? Some of them are tilted to create this 3D effect.


Do you like this Kitty Cat? I do. And she is not that difficult to create. Look closely. Pretty much the same paper quilling shape throughout, only the size and color varies.


Kitty Cat

Try several different paper quilling designs and techniques and you’ll find soon what excites you. For someone like me, it is animals, particular horses and dogs. I own several and love to use them as models. Other artists are specialized in nature designs, and others in abstract and geometric paper filigree designs. Think about what you love and create it with paper.

Happy Paper Quilling!

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