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Watercolor Paper Flowers That Look Like Roses

Fresh Cut Flowers are beautiful, but every time I get a gorgeous bouquet it fades away within days. So I have a rule now. No more expensive flower bouquets for me, instead we learned how to make watercolor paper flowers that look like roses and last forever.

It's pretty simple. I like to see my real flowers in my flowerbeds. Good enough for me. Don't need them inside my house where they turn into unsightly ugly flowers way too quick and end up in the compost or trash. And, fresh cut flowers don't come cheap. So permanent and lookalike sounds great to me. How about you?

Nothing wrong with getting real flowers for special occasions or no occasion at all, but I rather create something that'll last me for much longer and it's up to me to discard.

Watch this great tutorial on how to create Watercolor Paper Flowers That Look Like Roses.

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