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How To Paint A Canvas with Hot Glue

Creating Textured Canvas Paintings with Hot Glue is just one of many ways to create abstract art. Artists and Hobby Painters use acrylic medium to create a 3D effects, but you can achieve the same with a simple Hot Glue Gun. This process is super fast and easy and anyone can do it.

Acrylic medium is the way to go if you like to get very creative and aim to create a painting with much detail and truly popping effects. Acrylic texture medium does not dry too quickly and can be worked with and shaped for a while, which makes is the preferred medium for many artists. But there is another way.

The Glue Gun is one of our favorite tools when creating Arts and Crafts and here is just another reason why. Hot Glue can be used in so many ways, even when creating textured canvas paintings. You can create lovely and popping images on canvas with your hot glue, and then simply paint it with your favorite colors.

Watch the following clip on how simple Canvas art can be and what stunning results you can expect. No need for talent or experience. This is a fun project for young and old. Create your home decor or gifts for family and friends. Your art will look better and will mean much more than anything you will ever be able to buy in a store. Give it a try and send us a picture on facebook so we can feature you art.

Items Needed For Textured Canvas Paintings


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