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12 Clever DIY Decorative Home Accessories Must Haves

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Are you ready to give your home a fresh new look with some clever DIY Decorative Home Accessories? Check out our handmade Home Decor Collection and let it inspire you.

Nautical Home Decor

Bring the feel of the ocean into your home with a few pieces of maritime inspired home decor items. This home decor style incorporates with other decorating styles such as:

  • Contemporary
  • Country
  • English Country
  • French
  • Mediterranean
  • Mid-Century Modern
  • Modern
  • Shabby Chic
  • Rustic
  • Beach Style etc.

Let’s check out some fun nautical decorative home accessories. These DIY Projects are easy and look amazing.

Rope Mirror

Mirrors like the one below cost a pretty penny when you shop in home accent stores. Unique home decor accessories don’t need to be expensive? A Rope Mirror is a unique home accent piece you can easily make yourself. You could easily spend $ 50 or more in stores, but only a few bucks when you make it yourself. Imagine this one in your entry room, bathroom or hallway.

Items you need:

  • cardboard for backing of mirror
  • mirror
  • hot glue gun
  • rope
  • string.

Cut out cardboard to size of mirror and glue mirror onto cardboard circle. Cut four or more pieces of rope long enough to enclose mirror. Each piece will be a little different in length. Glue pieces onto mirror but leave open ends unglued for now. Tie your string several around end pieces and glue them to the mirror. You are ready to hang your masterpiece.

Tied Rope Rug

The tied rope rug takes a little more work than it’s glued counterpart but is not as difficult as it may seem. Follow the pattern in the pic, it’s not complicated once you figure out the pattern by looking at the first picture. Stringing the Rope 2 or 3 times in the same pattern will create a nice dense and lasting rug.

Rope Bowls

A rope bowl is super easy and quick to create. The thicker the rope the quicker the bowl is finished. Simply start by gluing the rope in a circle and expand the diameter as you create the rows. Make it as big and wide as your wish. Rope bowls make for amazing accent pieces for shelves, or if you don’t know what to put on the coffee table, fill this bowl with whatever you like and place as centerpiece.

The most unique home decor ideas are often made of wood. Readily available, often right in your backyard, wood is versatile. Decorative home accessories made with what nature provides brings a little nature back into the home. The pieces below are among some of the most unique accessories not found in home accessories stores. Rustic Home Decor items are my personal favorite. The featured items are easy to recreate, except for the last two. They are incredible but not impossible, just a little more time consuming as you will see 🙂

Tree Stump Candle Holder

This one is so simple you’ll wonder why you never thought of it. All you need is a nice size tree stump. Cut into different lengths and drill or carve a hole in the middle. Arrange them and place candles (I like flameless for safety) and enjoy the ambiance.

decorative home accessories

Image Source

Wood Slice Clock

Want to be able to tell time all the time when home? I do have some wood slices in the garage and this is the perfect project. Similar clocks cost a fortune in Stores, but are very inexpensive to create yourself. All you need is a wood slice, clock mechanism (approx. $ 5-15 depending on size) and numbers decals or wood burner. I love the idea of burning the numbers directly into the wood.

diy accessories

The most unique home decor ideas are often made of wood. Readily available, often right in your backyard, wood is versatile. Decorative home accessories bring a little nature back into the home. The pieces below are among some of the most unique accessories not found in home accessories stores. However, they can be replicated fairly easily as you will see.

Birch Coffee Table

I fell in love with this coffee table the second I saw it. However, the price tag of this nouveau-rustic furniture piece is hefty. This is a perfect weekend project and a unique home accent pieces that can be customized to size.

diy accessories

Image and Tutorial

You will need 34 birch logs, each about 3-4 inches in diameter. You can find a lumber place to have them cut to pieces or as I do, order from HERE. You will also need:

and tools (all found in your local Home Improvement Store):

  • Circular saw
  • Miter saw
  • Cordless drill
  • Grout float
  • Putty knife

A little different but same concept, except this is from a tree stump. Easier and faster if you can find one that big. The tree stump needs to be completely dry. Tilt it of the floor and let it dry out for a couple of months (yeah I know, takes a long time depending on size). Strip the stump of it’s bark and sand it down. Use wood stain to protect your diy home decor and ad wheel casts. That’s it.

diy home decor

Image Source

Spend your next weekend making your own decorative home accessories like this table.

Wire Stone Hearts Decorative Home Accessories

You may already have some of the supplies needed for this diy home decor item. Another gem among simple yet gorgeous decorative home accessories.

diy home decor

Image Source

Items you will need:

  • Heavy-gauge wire
  • Thin garden wire
  • Pebbles or Rocks from you yard or park
  • Heavy-duty 1-in. chicken wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Pliers
  • Sturdy chain

Happy Hearting!

Serving Tray

Ever wonder what you could do with old cabin doors. Well, here it is. A Cabin Door Tray will certainly be the most practical and a favorite among your diy home accessories. Old cabinet doors can often be found for cheap at local trade days or thrift stores. Sand, paint and attach hardware. Takes next to nothing on time if you don’t count drying the paint.


Who doesn’t need a tray here and there. And if you don’t serve stuff, use it to display stuff 🙂 This makes for a perfect coffee table decor tray.

Driftwood Railing

This is genius. A simple wooden stick turned into a functional piece of decorative home accessories. Would this look great on the wall of your staircase?

diy decor


But wait. I couldn’t resist to feature this one too. If you have as many trees around you as I do you understand my excitement about these decorative home accessories made from wood.

Floating Clothes Hanger

And these decorative home accessories are truly unique and magical. “Sculptor Donald Lipski constructed the ceiling fixture titled Chilean Red, which happens to be an anagram for “chandelier,” with fellow designer Jonquil LeMaster. Located within the Kathryn Hall Vineyards in Rutherford, California, this large-scale structure that mimics an upside-down tree is an eye-catching piece that accentuates the refined ambience of its surroundings. While looking luxurious, the sculptural installation also echoes the “rugged and gnarled surfaces of grape vines” through its fabricated texture and branches.” – By Pinar

Image Source

decorative home accessories

decorative home accessories


This is a design for a home of a similar chandelier, just a little smaller. Do you think this project is worth a try? Let me know? I will update once I replicated mine 🙂

decorative home accessories

Decorative home accessories don’t have to come with a steep price tag. The most amazing accessories are diy home decor with items that repurposed or recycled. Home Decor takes on a different meaning when it’s handmade. Diy Home Decor is cherished and as such a wonderful Gift Idea.

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